Basic Program

FPMT Basic Program – Virtual Courses

This information is for students interested in studying the FPMT Basic Program through live virtual courses in North America.

For general information about the program, and its curriculum, visit the FPMT Basic Program pagesubject descriptions, and standard texts

Please refer to the info file for an explanation of BP completion options when the Basic Program is offered via Zoom, or as a combination of on-site and Zoom, etc.

FPMT-North America Basic Program Subjects

This list of courses follows the sequence defined by the FPMT Basic Program curriculum. Please note that this does not indicate a fixed order for study – the Basic Program subjects can be studied in any order, according to preference, need, and previous study. 

For questions about enrollment, attendance requirements, course materials and texts, etc., please contact the center hosting the course. 

1. Stages of the Path

No classes currently offered.

2. Heart Sutra

        No classes currently offered.

3. Mahayana Mind Training – Wheel of Sharp Weapons

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4. Engaging in the Bodhisattva Deeds

5. Mind and Cognition

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Guhyasamaja Center

Part 1: Awarenesses and Knowers
6/11, 6/18 ESTYongdzin Purbuchok’s Explanation of the Presentation of Objects and Object-Possessors as well as Mind and Cognition Dr. Lorne Ladner
Part 2:
Minds and Mental Factors
Will start after completion of Awarenesses and Knowers Kachen Yeshe Gyaltsen’s Clear Exposition of the Modes of Minds and Mental Factors: a Necklace for those of Clear MindDr. Lorne LadnerComing soon…

6. Tenets

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No classes currently offered.

7. Ornament for Clear Realization – Chapter 4

        No classes currently offered.

8. The Tathagata Essence

        No classes currently offered.

9. Grounds and Paths of Secret Mantra

        No classes currently offered.

70 Topics – Seventy Topics is an important study of the entire sutra path to enlightenment as presented in the Ornament for Clear Realization, including all the fundamental features of the basis, path and goal in the Mahayana. The topics are listed and each is defined and explained in turn.

FPMT Location
TNL7-9pm Wednesdays May 4, 11, 18, 25, Jun 1, 8, 15, 22 29, Jul 6, 13, 20, 27____Ven Sangye Khadro

* “Geshe” reflects completion of the geshe degree, through extensive traditional monastic studies of Buddhist philosphical texts (“Ge” means “virtue” in Tibetan; “she” means “knowing).
“Venerable” is a title of respect for those ordained as a monk or nun.
“Gen” is a title of respect for a Dharma teacher who has completed many years of study (“Gen” means “elder” in Tibetan.)